There are many different ways to become involved with the Wilbanks Foundation. We are seeking partners who share our appreciation for education at all levels and the common values (centered on courage, sacrifice, and patriotism) exemplified by Captain Wilbanks and other Medal of Honor Recipients.


Whether individual, corporate, or charitable, all contributions help build a foundation that will support higher education and help us develop tomorrow’s leaders through involvement in ROTC.


Individual contributions to the Foundation form the backbone of our solicitation efforts.  The participation of many individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life reflect the diversity and inclusiveness of our military services and is in keeping with our nation's values.


The Foundation offers individual contributors an opportunity to combine their efforts in a way that provide meaningful support to higher education.  This "pooling of resources" is also in keeping with values of our military services where the sum of the parts is always greater than any individual effort.


While only a handful of our contributors had the privilege of knowing Captain Wilbanks, there are connections to every United States citizen.  Medal of Honor recipients sacrifice for their country as a whole and not just for their state or hometown.


Whether you are connected through military service, as a Vietnam veteran, a Georgia resident, someone who appreciates higher education, or someone who benefited from the focus and leadership lessons of ROTC, you are connected.


You can join our team by contributing today.


There are different ways to partner with the Wilbanks Foundation, all of which show your organization’s support for education and character building.  We work with our sponsors to identify ways in which they can demonstrate to their local communities and customers their commitment to education.


Corporate sponsorships create opportunities for symbiotic relationships where cross-marketing opportunities bring value to both organizations.  Today there are few communities where appreciation for the service and sacrifice of our nation's heroes is absent.  Through the Wilbanks Foundation, corporate sponsors have an opportunity to show this support in a visible manner.


You can learn more about these opportunities and our corporate sponsorships by contacting us at


Non-profit organizations have a unique opportunity to partner with our Foundation.  Often our missions are similar, and cross-marketing produces opportunities to inform donors of organizations with similar interests. We welcome contacts from other non-profit organizations where a partnership can be mutually beneficial.


You can learn more about these opportunities and our non-profit partnerships by contacting us at


The Wilbanks Foundation maintains working relationships with a number of organizations with similar interests and goals.  Generally, these organizations are related through another educational or military organization, but can also be affiliated for other reasons.


To be considered for an alliance it is necessary to be approved by the Foundation's Board of Directors and the organization must also be willing to provide links to the Wilbanks Foundation on their web site.


To learn more about this opportunity contact us at

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