Alliances and Connections

For all non-profit organizations, forming alliances is an important factor in building support for both education and veterans.  Below is a list of organizations with whom we regularly partner or who we believe are valuable resources.

Congressional Medal of Honor Society The Congressional Medal of Honor Society is one of our Nation's most important organizations. Its membership is limited to those military men and women honored with our Nation's highest recognition for gallantry and valor. The society also supports educational programs that promote values in keeping with our Nation's highest calling. The Society's headquarters is located at Patriot's Point in Charleston, South Carolina. They are the main repository for historical information and artifacts related to Medal of Honor recipients.
American Legion The American Legion is one of the Nation's earliest veterans' support groups. It was authorized by Congress in 1919 to provide support for returning World War I veterans. Today it is one of the most valuable non-profit organizations focused on the needs of veterans. The organization now counts its membership in the millions, with 14,000 posts, and operates both domestically and in several foreign countries.
Northeast Georgia Veterans Society The Northeast Georgia Veterans Society was formed in 2014 of military vets mainly from White and Habersham counties. The organization has a monthly gathering of Veterans for comradery and for updates on current events. National military holidays are celebrated, projects honoring veterans are accomplished, and the spirit of American exceptionalism is revered.
Veterans of Foreign Wars The VFW has a unique bond of veterans that share with other veterans of overseas conflicts because they have also been there. Since 1899, the VFW has been one of the nation’s leading veterans service organizations in the fight to better the lives of all those who’ve worn the uniform of the United States military. No matter which conflict called vets to service, they invite you to join under one flag. They stand strong with the other 1.4 million members of the VFW as they continue to fight for all that’s good for all Veterans.
Vietnam Veterans of America Founded in 1978, the VVA is dedicated to Vietnam-era veterans and their families. The Vietnam War (1961-1975) claimed the lives of 58,479 US military men and women. Due to the unpopularity of this conflict, returning veterans were often shown disrespect and made to feel unpatriotic for their service. Many Vietnam Veterans resented this unjust treatment and, as a result, started their own organization.
Military Order Purple Heart The Purple Heart medal has stood for decades as the symbol of combat heroism and being wounded in action. It is one of the most recognized ribbons and has been given to hundreds of thousands of American veterans who have fought for other people’s freedom. Captain Hilliard A. Wilbanks received the Purple Heart and was killed in war actions that saved 130 lives. As a result, he was awarded the nation’s highest honor - The Medal of Honor.
Georgia Military Veterans - Hall of Fame Our Country has a history of helping other countries and people in their fight against tyranny all over the world. It is most fitting to honor the thousands of Veterans from Georgia who have served. Captain Hilliard A. Wilbanks was inducted into the Georgia Military Veterans Hall of Fame in 2014.
The University of Georgia The University of Georgia has been most supportive of the Hilliard A. Wilbanks Foundation. A tradition was started in 2013 when the Wilbanks Foundation worked with UGA to bring Joe Jackson to the Veterans Day game and ceremony. Colonel Jackson is one of only four living recipients of the Medal of Honor from the State of Georgia. We are also beginning a marketing project with the Marketing Department of UGA’s Terry College of Business. UGA also hosts an excellent Air Force ROTC Program.
Piedmont College Piedmont College is headquartered in Habersham County and has a satellite campus in Athens, Georgia. The Business School has provided early help with marketing ideas and has been instrumental in the development of our logo and promotional materials. We look forward to a continuing relationship with Piedmont, its students, and faculty.

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